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When your home windows are failing, it can be a frustrating experience for most homeowners. From drafts making their way into your home to leaks in your window sill, it’s never a fun time when your windows don’t function properly.

However, sometimes there is a simple approach to fixing your old windows. There are certain circumstances when replacing your windows is a bit overkill, but it’s always smart to have a professional window contractor analyze the situation.

Although sometimes you can simply repair your windows to extend its lifespan, there are other times when it’s a lost cause and window replacement is in order. Here are the top signs of major window failure:

  1. Major Condensation Between the Window Panes

Is your outdoor view looking a little foggy these days? If the view of fog through your windows isn’t a result of a recent rain rainstorm, you’re probably experiencing condensation between the panes.

Window condensation is natural in some cases. It’s the result of warm air meeting the cool glass pane of your window. This condensation typically happens outside, although it may occasionally happen indoors as well.

However, window condensation between the panes is a sign of seal failure. If you have fog inside the glass panes of your windows, you may need to consider replacement.

Window Condesation

  1. Your Window Frames are Warped

Vinyl is a very durable material, but poor quality vinyl is a different story. Bad vinyl windows can warp from heat, especially during the hot summer days in Phoenix. When your window frames are starting to warp, this is one of the biggest signs that it’s time for immediate replacement.

In addition to warping, there are other small indicators that your vinyl windows aren’t in the best shape. Poor quality vinyl may also crack or peel. While this isn’t necessarily a sign that swift action must be taken, it does indicate that you need to keep your eye on your window over the coming months.

Window Frames are Warped

  1. The Window Glass is Bent

Did you know that windows naturally expand and contract when the climate changes? While expansion and contraction can be a normal occurrence with vinyl windows, numerous problems can arise when the window frame can’t handle the strain—and one of those issues is bent glass.

If the glass inside of your window is bending, you’ll need to call a replacement window company as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

  1. 4.Excessive Energy Loss

As the seasons change, it’s normal to experience fluctuations in your utility bills. What isn’t normal is wildly fluctuating utility bills that are double or triple than what you were budgeting for.

If your windows are obviously failing, get in touch with Universal Windows Direct today to learn about your options.