Comfortech Warm Edge Glazing System

Comfortech Warm Edge Glazing System

To ensure optimal comfort throughout the year, the door glass you choose should be able to keep the cold out and retain heat during the winter while keeping heat out and allowing air conditioning in during the summer, depending on the region where you live.

ProVia’s ComforTech™ Warm Edge Glazing System is precisely designed to achieve this. When combined with a high R-value, double- or triple-glass unit, insulating chambers filled with Krypton or Argon gas, and Super Spacer®, ComforTech enhances the comfort and energy efficiency of ProVia’s doors. With seven available options, including high-performance Low E glass and increased UV protection, our ComforTech system offers versatile solutions. Additionally, all ProVia doors that use ComforTech DLA-UV glass are ENERGY STAR certified for all climate zones. Use our Thermal Performance Calculator to identify other glass and glazing combinations that meet the ENERGY STAR rating criteria in your region.

ComforTech glass with -UV protection is included as a standard feature in Aeris Patio Doors.

ComforTech Warm Edge Glazing System is Standard in all:

ComforTech™ Advantages

The NO- Metal Advantage

The primary characteristic of Super Spacer® is its ability to ensure thermal efficiency by eliminating the presence of conductive metals.

Withdands Normal Bowing

Our Warm Edge Glazing System's design is resilient enough to withstand the natural bending and bowing that occurs in any glass unit.

Mylar 10 Layer Vapor Barrier

The Super Spacer® thermoset foam matrix is outstanding in its performance. It effectively prevents moisture from seeping in, maintains the gas seal, and minimizes conductivity.

Enhanced Noise Reduction

The all-foam composition of our formula delivers exceptional sound-dampening properties, enabling it to minimize outside noise, even in industrial settings.

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